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  • Choice

    • If passed, 114M Americans are expected to leave private health insurance.
      • MythIf the bill passes, approximately 114 million Americans are expected to leave private health insurance. Why? Their employers will drop the insurance because the taxpayer-subsidized plan will be 30 to 40 percent cheaper.

        FactEmployers will not be able to offer the replique montre public option exclusively. They will instead be able to buy into an exchange where they can offer employees more than one option, including the public option. This is what all Federal employees already have.

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    • It will eliminate private insurance and employer-sponsored coverage.
      • MythThe public option will eliminate private insurance and erode employer-sponsored coverage.

        FactThe House bill actually increases replique montre de luxe the number of people who receive coverage through their employer by 2 million (in 2019) and shifts most of the uninsured into private coverage.

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    • You can't get private insurance through employer.
      • MythIf you don't have replique hublot private insurance the year that this bill is passed, you can't get that later on from your employer.

        FactThe bill says nothing of the sort.

        In fact,section 311 of the tri-committee House health care reform bill allows employers to meet coverage requirements by offering employees "coverage under a qualified health benefits plan (or under a current employment-based health plan.

        The bill defines a "qualified health benefits réplique omega plan" as "a health benefits plan that meets the requirements for such a plan under title I and includes the public health insurance option." Title I of copie montre the bill does prohibit employers from enrolling employees in private plans.

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    • The Public Option will drive private insurance out of business.
      • MythThe Public Option replica rolex with Drive private insurance out of business.


        The report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the public option proposed by Democrats would not drive private insurers out of business orologi replica and most people would still choose to get their medical coverage through employers. Republicans often cite the Lewin Group as a source to propagate this myth. See Lewin Group information here at

        Lewin Group, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UnitedHealthCare

        Any individual insurance policy (as opposed to a group insurance policy) that is in effect today will be permitted to remain in effect; however, any new [individual] policies issued after the rolex replica law becomes effective will be required to comply with the standards set out in the section relating to policies offered via the new Health Insurance Exchange. It's grandfathering, not elimination.

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    • Taxpayers will pay for abortions.
      • MythA Government-run replique omega Plan mandates use of taxpayer money to fund abortions.


        Nothing in any of the current health care reform bills mandates abortion coverage �� or any other type of medical procedure �� in the Exchange. Abortion is not mandated any more than any other replicas audemars piguet medical procedure in health care reform, similar to all other coverage decisions.

        Further, Representative Lois Capps introduced an amendment to rolex replica watches prohibit abortion under the minimum benefits package (see source link 2). The minimum benefits package is the basis upon which the public option is formed. Rep. Capps' amendment was adopted by slim margin (30-28). It also contains provisions to align the language with existing state notice patek philippe replica and consent rules.

        Finally, none of the health care reform proposals pending in Congress would prohibit PRIVATE insurers from covering abortions, as they currently do.


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    • It will outlaw private coverage.
      • MythIt will ban private health insurance for individuals. Those who currently have private individual coverage won't be able to change it. Nor will those who leave a company to work for themselves be free to buy individual plans from private carriers.

        FactIt doesn't outlaw private insurance. "There will be individual policies available, but people will buy those policies through the national health insurance exchange," she said. The House bill allows for existing rolex replica policies to be grandfathered in, so that people who currently have individual health insurance policies will not lose coverage. The line the editorial refers to is a clause that says the health insurance companies cannot enroll new people into the old plans.

        Individual private health insurance means coverage that someone buys on his or her own from a private company. In other words, it's for people who can't get coverage through work or some other group, and the rates tend to be much higher.

        Background: Page 16 defines what coverage will be considered �grandfathered coverage�; that is, coverage in existence today which would not be in compliance with new standards imposed by the law.
        What it says: Any individual insurance policy (as opposed to a group insurance policy) that is in effect today will be permitted to remain in effect; however, any new policies issued after the law becomes effective replique rolex will be required to comply with the standards set out in the section relating to policies offered via the new Health Insurance Exchange.
        What it does: The purpose of the provision is to bring policy offerings into line with the minimum benefit tiers and provisions required under the new law.Ref.

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    • ObamaCare will create 'Death Panels'.
      • MythSeniors and the disabled "will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care."


        There is no panel replicahandbagssales in any version of the health care bills in Congress that judges a person's "level of productivity in society" to determine whether they are "worthy" of health care.

        The health reform bill being considered in the House of Representatives says that a Comparative Effectiveness Research replique montre rolex Center shall "conduct, support, and synthesize research" that looks at "outcomes, effectiveness, and appropriateness of health care services and procedures in order to identify the manner in which diseases, disorders, and other health conditions can most effectively and appropriately be prevented, diagnosed, treated, and managed clinically."

        From Senator Johnny Isackson (R-Georgia) (See second source for full interview) In the health-care debate mark-up, one of the things I talked about was that the most money spent on anyone is spent usually in the last 60 days of life and that's because an individual is not in a capacity to replika klockor make decisions for themselves. So rather than getting into a situation where the government makes those decisions, if everyone had an end-of-life directive or what we call in Georgia "durable power of attorney," you could instruct at a time of sound mind and body what you want to happen in an event where you were in difficult circumstances where you're unable to make those decisions.

        This has been an issue for 35 years. All 50 states now have either durable powers of attorney or end-of-life directives replica horloges and it's to protect children or a spouse from being put into a situation where they have to make a terrible decision as well as physicians from being put into a position where they have to practice defensive medicine because of the trial lawyers.It's just better for an individual to be able to clearly delineate what they want done in various sets of circumstances at the end of their life.



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    • ObamaCare cuts funding for disabled people.
      • Myth Cuts funding to the elderly with Parkinson's or a child with cerebral palsy.


         The legislation in the House, expands Medicaidthe government program designed to meet the unique health care needs of Americans with disabilitiescreates an insurance program for long-term care, provides affordability credits to help all Americans purchase health insurance coverage, outlaws the common insurance practice of denying coverage to Americans with chronic conditions and caps the amount Americans have to spend on care. During mark-up of the bill in House Energy and Commerce, the Committee also added provisions to prohibit the secretary of Health and Human Services from reducing adult day care funding and funded a pilot program for home health care specifically for individuals with chronic conditions.

        The C.L.A.S.S. Act (short for Community Living Assistance Services and Support, if you're wondering) could transform the way people pay for long-term care . Participants would receive orologi replica daily benefits money they could use to pay for home care , adult day programs, assisted living or nursing homes whether they're elderly or young and disabled. To date, two of the five Congressional committees working on a health care overhaul have adopted the proposed legislation


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  • Cost/Taxes

    • Illegal immigrants will be covered by ObamaCare.
      • Myth5.6 Million illegal immigrants will be covered by ObamaCare.
        In another form: All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free healthcare services.


        Illegal immigrants are specifically excluded from coverage Of course, this means that they will be continue to get their healthcare from expensive emergency rooms, so that may not actually be a good thing.

        The section on page 50 of HR 3200 aligns Health Insurance Exchange policies with other laws currently in effect ,such as the Public Health Service Act, State law, and ERISA. Health care cannot trump other laws already in effect.

        " According to America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, Page 143, Line 3, Section 246: "No Federal Payment for Undocumented Aliens. Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States." (see the second source)

        Both the House and Senate versions of President Obama��s health care reform plans contain passages explicitly excluding illegal immigrants from receiving federal money to purchase health insurance from either a private or government-run health plan.(see 3rd source: CNSNews)


        Sec 246: No Federal Payment for Undocumented Aliens

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    • It's too expensive for people to afford.
      • MythIt's too expensive for people to replicas relojes afford.

        FactRates are set based on income as it relates to the poverty level. From the bill itself (HR 3200) :
        income levels as a percentage of poverty:

        • 133% through 150% pay 1.5% - 3% of income
        • 150% through 200% pay 3% - 5% of income
        • 200% through 250% pay 5% - 7% of income
        • 250% through 300% pay 7% - 9% of income
        • 300% through 350% pay 9% - 10% of income
        • 350% through 400% pay 10% -11% of income
        • 400% through 450% pay 15% -12% of income
        • orologi replica
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      • Healthcare reform (including public option) will bust the budget.
      • The proposed surcharge on taxes is burdensome to Americans.
        • MythThe proposed surcharge on taxes to the wealthiest Americans to help pay for this is burdensome. People also cite this myth as a tax on the middle class.

          FactThis actually is referring to the wealthiest of Americans.

          The surcharge is on the amount OVER $350K/yr that a family makes, not on their entire income. So if a orologi falsi italia family makes $400K/yr, they arepaying a surcharge of 1% on $50K. That's only an additional $500.00

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      • Covering everyone will cost a lot of money.
        • MythCovering everyone will cost a lot of money.

          FactOn the contrary, keeping people healthy will save money.

          The cost gap between the United States and Canada has only widened since 1993, and per capita health care expenditures in the United States are now almost double those in Canada ($6,401 vs. $3,359). Canada's per capita health expenditures rose about 65% from 1993 to 2005, while costs in the United States rose by over 90% .
          Yet infant mortality in the United States is higher and life expectancy at birth is less than in Canada. It is also noteworthy that despite Canada's much lower expenditures on health care, , Canadians consult with physicians far more often than do Americans. The average number of physician consultations per capita was 6.0 in Canada, versus 3.8 in the United States.1(see second source for graphic.)

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      • Employer-provided health insurance is cheaper than a public option.
        • MythEmployer-provided health insurance replica rolex is cheaper than a public option.

          FactThe amount an employee pays is less than half of the total cost. What the employer pays is really just the amount that they aren't paying you replica horloges because they're paying your share.It's still a hidden cost.

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      • Healthcare & Bankruptcy in America are isolated issues.
        • MythHealthcare and bankruptcy in America are isolated issues. One has very little to do with the other.

          FactThis year, an estimated 1.5 million air max pas cher Americans will declare bankruptcy. Many people may chalk up that misfortune to overspending or a lavish lifestyle, but a new study suggests that more than 60 percent of people who go bankrupt are actually capsized by medical bills. Bankruptcies due to medical bills increased by nearly 50 percent in a six-year period, from 46 percent in 2001 to 62 percent in 2007. a href="http://blv2.fr/data.php">air max 90 pas cher lancel pas cher

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      • Administrative costs for Health Care Reform will be too much.
        • MythAdministrative costs will be replique rolex too much, thus rendering Health Care Reform ineffective.


          31 cents of every health care  dollar in relojes imitacion the United States  goes to administrative fees fees and profits - in Canada, it is 1.3 cents (see video at source 4)

          Blue Cross of Massachusetts employs more people to administer coverage for 2.5 million people in New England than are employed in all of Canada to administer single payor for 27 million Canadians.

          Under our current system, the United States has $480 billion in excess spending each year in comparison to Western European replique montre nations that have universal health insurance coverage. The costs are mainly associated with excess administrative costs and poorer quality of care.

          In 1999, health administration costs totaled at least $294.3 billion in the United States, or $1,059 per capita. Since then these costs have been rising. We already have enormous administrative costs.Health Care reform is another way to address this. By cutting Administrative costs, it makes insurance less expensive to Americans. Currently costs are passed onto consumers in the form of higher insurance premiums.

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      • Health Care & Home Foreclosures are isolated issues.
      • National security is more important than healthcare.
        • MythHealth Care reform would take valuable taxpayer money away from our nation's defense spending. We must make sure we are secure, first.

          FactHealth care spending is 4.3 times the amount spent on national defense.

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      • More Tort Reform will cut health care costs.
        • MythTort reform is a way to cut costs in our current health care system. If we cut medical malpractice suits, the Doctors will not have to pay such high malpractice insurance. Capping the amount of money medical malpractice victims can potentially collect for noneconomic damages will directly reduce malpractice insurance premiums

          FactTort reform has not led to nike pas cher health care cost savings for consumers. If anything, it has led to less civil rights for citizens with no appreciable result in lowering the cost of malpractice suits nike air max pas cher. Actually-- medical malpractice lawsuits are about 1 to 1.5% jordan pas cher of total medical costs.

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      • We will see Tax increases
        • MythReform plan would increase taxes on "virtually everyone."

          FactAccording to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, less than 1.4 percent of all U.S. households would face higher taxes under the proposal. The surtax for those replique montre upper-income folks would start at 1 percent and go up to 5.4 percent with top incomes over $1 million.

          ...The proposal would increase taxes on those with adjusted gross incomes above $280,000 a year or $350,000 a year for couples. That�s not a whole lot of people. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center projected a little less than 2.2 million households (1.4 percent of all households) would face higher taxes under the proposal. The surtax for those upper-income folks would start at 1 percent and go up to 5.4 percent with top incomes over $1 million.

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    • Coverage

      • Some people won't be covered.
        • MythSome people won't be covered.

          FactAll people will have the opportunity to be covered, either via employer-provided plans or via the Health Insurance Exchange,which replicas relojes de lujo españa includes the public option. Those who opt out of coverage will be required to pay a penalty, which will be deposited to the general fund maintained for the public option.The penalty is intended to offset the cost of "adverse selection"; that is, those who opt out when healthy and later opt in at the point of illness or diagnosed chronic conditions.(Page 167 of HR3200, Title IV, Subtitle A, Part I, Sec. 401). The only group excluded will be illegal aliens.

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      • 2/3 of Americans who get health care through their employer will lose it.
        • MythThe Democrats propose "a government-controlled health care plan that will deprive www.etarepliquemontre.com roughly 120 million Americans of their current health care coverage replique montre.

          Two out of three Americans who get their health care through their employer would lose it under the House Democrat plan.

          FactThis report is from the Lewin Group, a health care consulting firm*. The report ran a number of scenarios, including what would happen if the government offered a public option that was a Medicare-style plan open to everyone. Their model found that 118 million people would choose to drop their private coverage in favor of cheaper public coverage.

          A main source of this information is the Lewin Group, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UnitedHealthCare Repliche Orologi Di Lusso,an insurance company that obviously has a vested interest in suppressing a public option. Therefore, their information is suspect. In addition, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that about 11 million people will end up enrolling in the public option.

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      • Current system is be better than socialized medicine, financially.
        • MythHealth insurance is better for Americans than "socialized medicine" because the Free Market is always better.

          FactLack of competition (monopolies) replica chopard and lack of products for "unprofitable" patients (like the elderly) results in a seller's market, which is definitely NOT in the best interest of the consumer.

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      • The American healthcare system is the best in the world.
        • MythThe American healthcare replica orologi system is the best in the world.

          Fact4 in 10 Americans can't count on their healthcare coverage. America is ranked 37 in the world behind such replica rolex countries As Columbia, Singapore and Morocco. France is rated at number one, followed by Italy.

          Pew Research center did a study that said (among other things): Just 15% say health care in this country is the "best in the world," while 23% replica rolex gmt master rate it as "above average"; about six-in-ten (59%) view U.S.health care as either "average" (32%) or "below average" (27%).

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      • The uninsured have access to good care in the emergency room.
        • MythThe uninsured actually do have access to good care�in the emergency room.

          FactIt's true that the United States has an open-door policy for those who seek emergency care, but "emergency room care doesn't help you get the right information to prevent a condition or give you help managing it," says Maria Ghazal, director of public policy for Business Roundtable, an association of CEOs at major U.S. companies. Forty-one percent of the uninsured have no access to preventive care, so when they do go to the ER, "they are most likely going in at a time when their illness has progressed significantly and costs more to treat," says Lumpkin. Hospitals have no way to recoup the costs of treating the uninsured, so they naturally pass on some of those costs to their insured patients.

          "First, it's true that if you're uninsured and get sick, there are public hospitals that will treat you. But it's extremely expensive to treat patients this way, and it would be far cheaper, and more effective, to pay for preventative care so that people don't have to wait for a medical emergency to seek treatment. For that matter, when sick people with no insurance go to the E.R. for care, they often can't pay their bills. Since hospitals can't treat sick patients for free, so the costs are passed on to everyone else. In that sense, Republicans are endorsing the most inefficient system of socialized medicine ever devised." See Second source.

          The chances of working-age adults experiencing at least one access problem due to costs (delaying care, forgoing medical care, forgoing dental care, or forgoing prescription drugs) grew from 18.2% in 1997 to 21.3% by 2006. While the size of the problem and the growth rate may seem small, combined with growth in the population, they translate into substantial numbers of people. The number of working-age adults who experienced at least one access problem due to costs grew from a total of 29.8 million in 1997 to 39.3 million by 2006.

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      • Under Obamacare there will be rationing of healthcare.
        • MythUnder Obamacare there will be rationing of healthcare, which we don't have now.
          or, in another form: YOUR HEALTHCARE IS RATIONED!!!


          Healthcare is rationed now. Insurance companies determine what procedures they will cover, and at what price. They deny payment on certain procedures, which means thay patients either go without, or they pay themselves. This is how rationing works in a capitalistic system.

          Also: Referencing Pg 29, HR 3200 , from Viral Emails Page 29 refers to co-payments and caps on out-of-pocket expenses as part of the minimum benefits package. It is not addressing treatment or approvals or anything of the sort.Ref.
          br>Private insurance companies ration care to Americans every single day. They reject applications based on pre-existing conditions and family history. They rescind coverage after an illness has been diagnosed. Their premiums and deductibles are so high that millions of Americans are forced to delay care or declare bankruptcy due to high costs. Ref.

          As Ezra Klein points out on his blog: "If you look at waiting times, you'll see that relatively few Americans wait more than four months for surgery, which helps folks claim that America doesn't ration care, and makes our system look pretty good on the waiting times metric. Here's what they don't tell you: When you look at who foregoes care, the international comparisons reverse themselves. About 23% of Americans report that they didn't receive care, or get a test due to cost. In Canada, that number is 5.5%."

          Rather Than Waiting In Line, Americans Simply Do Not Get Care. As Ezra Klein argues in the Los Angeles Times , "although Britain fausse rolex and Canada have decided that no one will go without, even if some must occasionally wait, the U.S. has decided that most of us who can't afford care simply won't get it.

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      • We don't need Health Care Reform
        • MythWe don't need the Government to overhaul health care. People are happy with what we have now replique montre.

          FactThe United States is spending $2 trillion a year(almost $8,000 per person).

          Nearly 46 million Americans, or 18 percent of the population under the age of 65, were without health insurance in 2007,the latest orologi replica government data available.

          Under the current system, 44,230 Americans lose their health insurance every week. imitatie horloges That number translates to 191,670 a month and 2,300,000 a year.

          The number of uninsured children in 2007 was 8.1 million - or 10.7 percent of all children in the U.S.

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      • Home health care funding will be cut.
        • MythThe proposed cuts to Home replique iwc Health Care to fund the socialized health plan that President Obama is proposing. These cuts would adversely affect our residents and other people throughout the country who rely on this service to stay independent in their home.


          Not True.

          Medicare rules are modified to require that a physician personally see, examine, and certify the need for home health services, including durable equipment (like wheelchairs) (page 722 of HR3200). This is a fraud prevention measure, as are corresponding measures of physician certification (page 721)(. Medicaid is expanded to include home visits by nurses (p 838, sec 1904), and Section 1302 (p.460) of the House version includes provision for a pilot home health care program. replique rolex montre There are quality control measures contained in the bill as well, which require nursing homes to maintain minimum standards of care in order to be eligible replique breitling for Medicare reimbursement. (p.605) In general, home health care programs with a model of home visitation will receive PRIORITY FUNDING (p846). (all page references are to HR3200). Ref.
          Medicare covers Home health care for seniors who meet the requirement (see second Source) already. HR 3200 as mentioned above, seeks to further protect and expand the home health care program.

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      • Reform will create a shortage of doctors and nurses.
        • MythIf we cover all Americans we will not have enough healthcare workers to care for everyone.


          Affordable Health Choices Act will not only provide affordable coverage to 97% of Americans and other necessary reforms, the bill will enhance and grow the nation��s primary care health professional workforce through strengthened scholarship, loan repayment and training hublot klockor kopia grant programs.

          HR 3200 foresees the demand and provides the incentives, the training and the tools a new generation of health care professionals will need to meet demand and preserve choice and access to doctors .

          • Expand the National Health Service Corps and create a new primary care loan program.
          • Increase the advanced practice nursing force.
          • Provide a new loan repayment and scholarship program to train a new generation of public health workers.
          • Strengthen existing preventive medicine programs.
          • Support existing health professionals through the establishment of a study center to gather better data on health réplique omega workforce needs.
          • Computerizing health data will increase efficiencies and the amount of time primary care professionals are caring for patients.

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    • Canada, et al

      • We'll have long wait times for healthcare service with a public option.
        • MythWe will have long wait times replica rolex for healthcare services if we end up with a public option.

          FactThis doesn't even make sense. Are we suddenly going to have a shortage of doctors? Is everyone going to make a mad rush to the physician's office? This is usually tied to an anecdotal replica orologi report from Canada. The reality is that wait times vary from area to area, as well as from service to service in Canada, but it's rarely as bad as reported. The most recent GOP claims of waits in Canada for treatment of life-threatening illnesses have been orologi replica debunked as well. (see 2nd source link) An Aetna executive admitted in his 2007 report to investors that average wait times in the US to see a provider are 70 days, and up to 4 weeks for life-threatening conditions. (see 3rd source link)

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      • Various other Canadian healthcare myths.
      • Public Option will lead to Single Payer, like Canada & France.
      • Healthcare reform will increase wait time to see doctors.
        • MythHealthcare reform will increase wait time to see doctors.louboutin pas cher

          FactUnder the current system, we already have extensive wait times in America. Article: [...]To see a family doc, Miami is the place to be.You'll see a physician in about a week, on average�no time at all, especially compared to the 59 days you'd have to wait in Los Angeles and the 63 in Boston.

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      • Canada refused life saving surgery to one of its citizens.
        • MythCanada refused life saving brain tumor surgery to one of it's citizens, forcing her to come to America's Mayo Clinic.

          Fact[...] On the Mayo Clinic's website, Shona Holmes is a success story. But it's somewhat replique rolex different story than all the headlines might have implied replique iwc. Holmes' "brain tumour" was actually a Rathke's Cleft Cyst on her pituitary gland.To quote an American source, the John Wayne Cancer Center, "Rathke's Cleft Cysts are not true tumors or neoplasms; instead they are benign cysts."

          There's no doubt Holmes had a breitling replique montre problem that needed treatment, and she was given appointments with the appropriate specialists in Ontario. She chose not to wait the few months to see them.

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    • Government Control

      • It will strip 20M Americans of private health insurance.
        • MythThe current bill would strip 20 million Americans of their private health insurance policy and force them to accept the public option.

          FactNo one would be forced to leave their current insurance, should they decide to keep it.Up to 10 million people are forecast to voluntarily change their health insurance when more options become available to them. If you like your insurance you get to keep it .

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      • It's a Govt controlled system, including care & treatment.
        • MythDemocrats are proposing a government controlled health insurance systemwhich will control care, treatments, medicines and even what doctors a patient may see.

          FactInsurance companies already control treatments,medicines and what doctors a patient may see. The current healthcare bill prevents insurance companies from denying coverage or treatments because of pre-existing conditions. Health Care Reform is attempting to cover those who are being denied coverage under the current system, This is what is already happening replica horloges with our current Health Care system. Republican Congressman Tim Murphy (PA) agrees:
          MURPHY: Yeah and that brings up the point here that with regard to one of our big frustrations with insurance companies is they control the market place,they control what�s done, a lot of times doctors not making the decisions here. And you recognize the frustration. (video at link)

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      • Americans will be FORCED to change insurance plans.
        • MythMillions of Americans will be repliche orologi FORCED to change insurance plans.

          FactNo one is going to be forced to do anything. It is called a Public OPTION. Keyword Option. No one will be forced to change insurance plans. The House bill sets forth specifics for the insurance exchange, rolex replica and includes the public option as one of those exchange plans. The specifications for the insurance exchanges are parallel to current industry standards. Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell knows this. His own office admitted that no one will be forced into any plan.

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      • National ID Healthcard will be issued.
        • MythGovt will have real-time access 2 individuals� finances & a National ID Healthcard will be issued.


          Myth says this is on page 58 of HR 3200. Anyone currently covered under a health insurance plan has an insurance card. It assumes that the government issues the card, when in fact, the INSURER issues the card, just as they do now. The actual text of page 58 mentions nothing of the sort.

          Section 163 sets out goals for electronic health records. It says one goal should be real-time confirmation of which services a person qualifies for and how much they will have to pay. That could be achieved by machine-readable beneficiary cards, according to the legislative language. But the legislation does not require the cards.

          Section 163 sets out goals for electronic health records.One of the goals is to include features that "enable electronic funds transfers, in order to allow automated reconciliation" between payment and billing. The legislative summary says the intent in the section is "to adopt standards for typical transactions" between insurance companies rolex pas cher and health care providers. The legislation generically describes typical electronic banking transactions and does not outline any special access privileges.

          Facebook PermaLink Myth #: 33 Created: 08/01/09 Updated: 11/23/20 22:26 PM
          Source Source

      • A Health Commissioner will choose your benefits for you.
        • MythThe Health Choices replica orologi Commissioner will choose your healthcare benefits for you.


          Referencing From Page 42 of HR 3200 from viral emails.
          This section outlines the duties and authorities of the Commissioner, which include coordinating Federal Standards with individual State Insurance Commissioners, overseeing the Health Insurance Exchange, and coordinating audits of qualified health benefit plans with federal requirements. (As a side note, the audit responsibility for pension/401K plans rests with the IRS currently, a situation that causes many employers to choose not to provide those benefits because they fear IRS audits on principle. Having a separate entity not connected with revenue or Treasury seems sensible.)

          There is no mention of a a Health Choices Commissioner doing any such panerai replica thing.

          The bill says that a Health Choices commissioner will run the exchange, and that he or she will make sure that insurers are offering basic benefits and adhering to the regulations. Individuals then choose their own plan from offerings on the exchange. The health commissioner does not "decide health benefits for you." To the extent that insurance plans fake watches have to meet basic requirements, those instructions are ultimately coming from Congress. The commissioner executes the rules.

          The chain e-mail mentions page 42, which is part of Section 142. That section outlines the duties of the Health Choices commissioner and explains that the commissioner should seek insurers to offer different types of insurance, including basic, enhanced and premium. Again, individuals will be able to choose among competing insurers that are regulated via the exchange.

          The e-mail is adamant that the Health Choices commissioner "will decide health benefits for you. You will have no choice. None." That is not what the bill says. The bill envisions an exchange with several different plans, and people choosing their own plan. We rate this claim Pants on Fire!

          Facebook PermaLink Myth #: 34 Created: 08/01/09 Updated: 10/17/17 03:10 AM
          Source Source

      • A Govt Committee will decide treatments and benefits.
        • MythThere will be a Government Committee that decides what treatments and benefits you get.

          FactReferencing Pg 30, Sec 123 of HR 3200, from Viral Emails
          This section refers to the creation of an advisory panel for purposes of determining standards for the minimum, intermediate, and premium benefits packages. One of the most common myths out there is that benefits/treatments/etc will somehow be "rationed" by the government. In fact, the idea behind this commission is to bring together the different actors who are involved in provision of treatments copie rolex and benefits to determine what should be deemed a "basic" benefit and what should fall into other tiers . Again, this section simply creates a panel who gives recommendations to the Secretary of HHS. Ref.
          See page 30 of bill below

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      • The Govt will have access to private bank accounts.
        • MythThe federal government will have orologi replica direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.

          FactReferencing Pg 59, Sec 123 of HR 3200, from Viral Emails
          This section applies to claims payers; e.g. insurers. The replica rolex intent is to prevent the intentional delay of claims payments by insurers, a common practice which causes doctors, hospitals, and patients financial hardship replicas de relojes suizos. It has nothing to do with individual citizens cheap jewelry online. It is meant to ensure timely payment, therebye preventing wasteful spending.
          See page 59 of bill below

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      • Health Insurance is the most regulated industry in America.
        • MythThe health insurance industry is replique panerai one of the most regulated industries in America.


          Wendall Potter A former insurance company insider, says that insurance companies cannot be trusted to voluntarily go along with health care reform. Last month, Potter told his story to the Senate finance committee, the same committee that is now deliberating the health care Replique Rolex | Replique Montre legislation and whose chairman is backing away from the president's request for a publicly run alternative to the insurance industry. "What it shows me is that the insurance industry is really flexing its muscles and that is evidence of the influence of the insurance industry," Potter said.

          The entire idea of Health Care Reform is to bring the insurance industry (as opposed to already existing programs like Medicare) under a set of standards that protects Americans instead of corporate profits. Health Insurance Corporations are not regulated as this claim falsely makes.

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          Source Source

      • A Govt Czar will be in charge of your medical records.
        • MythHealth care reform puts government czar in charge of personal medical decisions that only patients and their doctors ought to be replicas relojes making.

          FactThe proposal from the House improves options and decision-making for all Americans without government interference. The Democratic plan puts doctors and patients � not insurance companies � in charge of your health care. Right now, insurance companies are making your health care decisions. The bill contains key insurance reforms that prevent insurance companies from denying care or coverage based on pre-existing conditions, dropping you because you get �too sick,� and imposing annual and lifetime limits on coverage. Under the bill, doctors and patients will be empowered to make treatment decisions, rather than profit-driven private insurers.

          Facebook PermaLink Myth #: 42 Created: 08/04/09 Updated: 11/23/20 22:29 PM

      • There is a Death Book for Veterans.
        • MythThere is an end-of-life planning book distributed by the Department of Veterans Affairs that encourages veterans to conclude for themselves that life is not worth living. Or in another form: Ex-soldiers are a burden to society.


           An advance directive is replica watches a legal document that someone can choose to write for the purpose of directing their own medical care in the future, in case they lose the ability to make health care decisions.  

          A replica watches living will is an advance directive that gives instructions about how a person wants to be treated in the future in case they lose the ability to make health care decisions.  

          A durable power of attorney for health care is an advance directive that gives instructions about whom a person wants to make decisions for them in the future in case they lose the ability to make health care decisions.  

          VA¡¯s official advance directive is called ¡°VA ADVANCE DIRECTIVE:  DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR HEALTH CARE AND LIVING WILL. This document was approved by OMB during the Bush administration. 

          Your Life, Your Choices: Planning for Future Medical Decisions is not an advance directive or a living will. It is an educational workbook that helps Veterans think about their future medical decisions, and can be used by a Veteran to help complete an advance directive. The workbook contains individual worksheets that can be appended to an advance directive. 


          The pamphlet, ¡°Your Life, Your Choices - Planning for Future Medical Decisions,"--which has been in use for more than 10 years--contains the same advance-care planning required of all health care organizations under federal law and was developed with the input of interfaith ministers.


          The Veterans Affairs policy does not encourage disabled vets to end their lives. Rather, it is in accordance with the 1990 Patient Self Determination Act, which requires all institutions receiving Medicare funds to provide information to patients regarding end of life, living will and other advance directives.



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    • Small Businesses

      • The Healthcare Mandate will devastate small business.
        • MythThis healthcare "mandate" is replique rolex going to hit small businesses the hardest.

          FactSmall businesses that already already provide health insurance to their employees will be not be affected.In addition, 96% of small businesses would see no tax increases because of this bill. Rising costs prompting small businesses to drop health insurance benefits.

          In addition:
          � Small businesses value health insurance replique de montre as a key to business success because it allows them to attract better employees.
          � 78% of small business owners surveyed who do not offer coverage would like to do so.
          � 80% of those who would like to offer coverage cite the expense of coverage as a reason why they don't.

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          Source Source Source

      • Health Care Reform will hurt Small Business
        • MythHealth Care Reform will hurt Small Business

          FactThe current draft bills also include a tax credit for small businesses that provide health care coverage for their workers. This benefit will make it easier for small businesses to provide coverage.Together with the exchange, these reforms will help small firms bottom line, allowing them to focus more of their attention on running their business and creating jobs. But we also sale.

          (see first source)bset skeleton watches The Senate's HELP Bill also addressed this issue. From the July '09 version:
          Choice of public and private plan, for uninsured, small businesses with less than 25 employees, and those with a premium share over 12.5% of their income.

          Small Business Credits - employers with 50 or fewer full-time workers who pay 60 percent or more of their employees�health insurance premiums will be permitted to receive tax credits for subsidizing coverage. Credit amounts are based credit card payment gateway on the type of employee coverage, the size of the employer, and the proportion of time the employer paid employee health insurance expenses, and are available for up to 3 consecutive years.
          Self-employed individuals who do not receive replique panerai credits for purchasing coverage through the Gateway are eligible.
          Small Business Program Credits. Beginning in 2010, eligible. Employers required to pay 60% of premiums or be assessed $750 for each full-time employee not covered and $375 for each part-time employee not covered.

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          Source Source

      • The House bill will raise taxes on small businesses.
        • MythThe House bill will raise replique montre suisse taxes on small businesses.


          According to the nonpartisan Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, 96% of small businesses would see no tax increases under this proposal. Furthermore, all small businesses will greatly benefit from the insurance market reforms in the bill.Small businesses face many obstacles in achieving health care that other larger companies and organizations are able to overcome.

          The bill includes key insurance reforms, which are of particular benefit to small businesses. The legislation prohibits insurers from excluding coverage based on pre-existing coverage, from selectively refusing to renew coverage, and from charging people different premiums based on their gender,occupation or pre-existing condition. Finally, the bill requires replica rolex datejust a standardized annual out-of-pocket limit so that no small business owner or employee��s family face bankruptcy due to medical expenses.

          The bill also includes a permanent tax credit to help small, low-wage businesses in offering coverage. The smallest firms with average wages below $20,000 would receive a tax credit equal to 50 percent of the employer��s share of the premium.The credit would phase out for employers with between 10 and 25 employees and average wages between $20,000 and $40,000.


          From Business week: For one, as a business owner, a national insurance plan would be cheaper for me. Way cheaper. Yes, those critics are probably right��socialized medicine will probably lead to higher replica horloges kopen individual taxes, longer wait times for treatment,lower-quality health care, and a strong urge to have tea and biscuits at 4 o'clock. But take a look at these numbers from a client of mine��a 50-person manufacturer in Pennsylvania. In 2008 it paid $375,000 net health insurance on a payroll totaling $2.086 million designer fashion jewelry. (This included the owners.) And this is for a pretty basic Blue Cross plan. That works out to 18% of its payroll cost. If we go with the President's 8% plan, the company would save about $208,000. If we opt for Kennedy's proposal, it would save $337,500 per year.

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          Source Source

    • Misc/Other

      • Health care reform protects private insurance companies.
        • MythHealth care reform actually protects private insurance companies rather than regulating them.

          FactHR 3200, as reported out by the House Ways and Means Committee, specifically limits private insurance Audemars Piguet Replique Montres companies' current abusive practices of insureds. The Public Health Insurance option, as defined in Subtitle B of title II of HR3200, is a public entity funded by premiums paid.It is required to offer the same benefits as private insurers' plans and will be offered in the same marketplace. HR3200, as amended by the House Energy and Commerce Committee,would allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate prices with providers based upon outcomes-based criteria. The existence of such a plan forces a level playing field for competition and opens current markets controlled by one carrier. . The first two source links listed below go directly to the official web sites of both committees, where the full text of the bills and all.

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          Source Source

      • The bill is being rushed through because [insert paranoid delusion here]
        • MythThe bill is being rushed through because [insert paranoid delusion here]

          FactMore than 1300 Americans replica handbags die each month because they can't get the healthcare they need because it's too expensive. Something needs to be done soon

          Facebook PermaLink Myth #: 6 Created: 08/01/09 Updated: 05/03/13 08:01 AM

      • 77% of Americans are satisfied with their healthcare plan.
        • Myth77% of Americans are satisfied with their healthcare plan.
          In another form: Americans don't want "socialized medicine"

          Fact72% of Americans WANT a public option.

          Data from a Kaiser Family Foundation poll last year, compiled Replique Montres Cartier at the request of The Washington Post,suggest that the people who like their health plans the most are the people who use them the least. Those who described their health as "excellent" -- people who presumably had relatively little experience pursuing medical care or submitting claims -- were almost twice as likelyas those in good,

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          Source Source

      • Health Care reform will pressure the elderly to end their lives prematurely.
        • Myth Health Care reform will pressure the elderly to end their lives prematurely.
          Or in another form: It will allow for legalized physician-assisted suicide.

          FactThe section of the bill this myth is referring to is SEC. 1233. ADVANCE CARE PLANNING CONSULTATION: It amends the Medicare Act to allow coverage for patients to receive counseling about end-of-life care options every five years if they so choose. Moreover, prominent medical societies have supported such counseling. Here is an analysis of this portion of the bill:
          Provides coverage for consultation between enrollees and practitioners to discuss orders for life-sustaining treatment. Instructs CMS to modify 'Medicare & You' handbook to incorporate informationon end-of-life planning resources and to incorporate measures on advance care planning into the physician's quality reporting initiative .

          The section of HR 3200 will require that doctors ask patients their preferences when it comes to end-of-life and critical emergency care situations . You get to choose whether you want doctors to perform life-saving treatments, or whether you want a Do-Not-Resuscitate order, or whether you want only palliative treatments and hospice. Under no circumstances would you be forced to sign away your rights or even answer when asked about your preferences, and under no circumstances would you be denied life-saving treatment if you wanted it.

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          Source Source Source

      • Taxpayers will subsidize groups like ACORN, SEIU, UAW.
        • MythTaxpayers will subsidize all union retiree and community organizer health plans such as SEIU, UAW and ACORN


          Referencing Pg 65, Sec 123 of HR 3200, from Viral Emails
          This section of the bill is talking about reinsurance. Reinsurance is not a subsidy. It is risk-sharing.It also applies to plans for post-retirement health benefits maintained by companies like AT&T,Nordstroms,Halliburton, and any other company maintaining a post-retirement medical benefits plan. Many of these companies do not have unions. The purpose of offering the reinsurance is to prevent these plans from terminating and dropping an aging group into the risk pools. Since they have already factored in the risk based on the average age of their population, it is intended as a safety net. Ref.
          See page 65 of bill below

          Nowhere in HR 3200 does it mention any replicas de relojes community organizing groups such as Acorn or the unions mentioned or otherwise. It also does not mention any corporations.

          Section 164 creates a temporary reinsurance program to help employers or employee associations pay for coverage for workers ages 55 to 64. It does not mention labor unions or replique rolex submariner community organizer groups, though presumably they could qualify replica horloges rolex for subsidies like any other employee association that previously offered health insurance. The section's point, however, is to offer subsidies to employer-based insurance programs, not unions or community organizers.

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          Source Source

      • The Elderly must have Euthanasia counseling every 5 years.
        • MythCongress would make it mandatory orologi replica, absolutely require, that every five years, people in Medicare have a required counseling session that will tell them how to end their life sooner.

          FactThis measure would allow Medicare to pay doctors for taking the time to talk replica cartier with individuals about difficult end-of-life care decisions.It would help provide people with better information on the positives and negatives�both physical and financial�that different treatments can mean for them and their families. �Facing a terminal disease or debilitatingaccident, some people will choose to take every possible life-saving measure in the hopes that treatment or even a cure will allow them more time with their families. Others will decide that additional treatment would impose too great a burden�emotionalphysical patek philippe replica uk and otherwise�on themselves and their families,declining extraordinary measures and instead choosing care to manage their discomfort. Either way, it should be their choice.

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          Source Source Source

      • Nurse Practitioners are the solution to primary care shortages
        • MythNurse Practitioners remain in primary care, filling the gap between a shortage of primary care physicians and patients in need of primary care.

          FactNurse practitioners have graduated replica tag heuer about 7000 per year each year over the past decade. During this time period, nurse practitioners remaining in primary care have decreased by 50% or more, regardless of the definition of the primary care used.

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      • Top-ranking medical schools contribute to primary care.
        • MythMost primary care physicians graduate from top-ranked medical schools replique montre de luxe.

          FactThe top 20 schools ranked by MCAT scores graduate the least number of primary care physicians. They only graduate 2 - 3 family physicians for each 100 graduates. By comparison, 20 - 30 graduate into internal medicine specialties with 2 or 3 remaining in primary care at best. 6 - 12 remain in pediatrics but half of these depart primary care. facts indicate that graduates have 2 family medicine, 3 internal medicine, 5 pediatricians, for about 10% in primary care. Studies show that a Duluth Medical school graduate contributes 10 times replicas relojes more to primary care as compared to a top 20 MCAT school graduate. Also, a Duluth graduate on average contributes 50 - 70 times more rural primary care than a top 20 MCAT school graduate.

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          Source Source

      • Grassroots activists are protesting against reform.
        • MythPeople are attending town hall meeting in their districts to show protestation against Health care reform. Many say they are "Grassroots" activists.

          FactConservatives for Patients� Rights, the operation that�s running a national campaign against a public health care option,is now publicly taking credit for helping gin up the sometimes-rowdy outbursts targeting House Dems at town hall meetings around the country, raising questions about their spontaneity.
          CPR is the group headed by controversial former hospitals exec Rick Scott that�s spending millions on ads attacking reform in all sorts of lurid ways, a campaign that�s being handled by the same P.R. mavens behind the Swift Boat Vets.
          ..."The more you dig the more you learn that this is a carefully orchestrated effort by special interest lobbyists and the Republican Party, who are using fringe elements on the right to protect insurance company profits and defeat health care reform," said House Dem leadership aide Doug Thornell.

          The lobbyist-run groups Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks, which orchestrated the anti-Obama tea parties earlier this year, are now pursuing an aggressive strategy to create an image of mass public opposition to health care and clean energy reform.A leaked memo from Bob MacGuffie, a volunteer with the FreedomWorks website Tea Party Patriots, details how members should be infiltrating town halls and harassing Democratic members of —

          Congress See second Source

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          Source Source Source

      • Hands over control of parents raising of their children.
        • MythThe health care bill will force parents to hand over control of the raising of their children based on wording in the home visitation section 440 of HR 3200

          Obamacare is about the government's coming into homes and usurping parental rights over child care and development.


          Section 440 establishes a VOLUNTARY home visit program with money given to the states for such programs The states manage these programs. Participation is <b>voluntary</b>. If parents are concerned about home visit programs, they need not participate. 

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